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  • The Adventure Begins

    Our heroes leave Dragon Hollow, the town where they grew up and have spent their early lives. Our companions are [TO BE ANNOUNCED]. The group got to see a taste of the bigotry and racism that is rampant in the Kingdom of Geasti.

  • Home Page

    h1. Welcome to Gerin! The beginning date of this campaign will be the equivalent of March 17th of the year 487 A.C. I have rebooted this campaign more times than I can count, I intend to finish it this time. You will find the history and information …

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  • Gear

    [[Crystal Weaponry | Crystal Weaponry]] [[Cognizance Crystal | Cognizance Crystal]] [[Dorje | Dorje]] [[Power Stone | Power Stone]] [[Psicrown | Psicrown]] [[Psionic Tattoo | Psionic Tattoo]]